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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts faculty encourages students to think analytically and critically about all forms of visual communication.

Our students enjoy the experience of making art, while experimenting, taking risks and pushing boundaries. 2D, 3D and 4D art making practice is a fundamental component of the art-making experience at Peel High School. Our students learn to link narratives into their practice in order to build concepts and to develop their higher order thinking.

Smart boards and a computer/ Tablet support allow for contemporary learning practises throughout all stages with students.

The Visual Arts building is dedicated to creative activity by providing specialist classrooms, studio facilities for students of all stages.

Peel's team of very experienced visual arts teachers are all practising artists who are committed to realising the potential of every student. This allows for a well-rounded educational experience for all students at Peel.

Visual Arts at Peel currently documenting all students work on Instagram at Roser.Peel.Art across Visual Arts (stage 4, 5 and 6), Photography (Stage 4 and 5) and Ceramics (Stage 5)  

Visual Arts elective course equipment list