Peel High School

Partially selective and feature school for agriculture

Telephone02 6765 7088

About our school

Peel High is a rural comprehensive high school catering for Years 7-12 with a partially Selective Stream.It is part of the State Selective Schools network.The school has around 35% Indigenous population and is part of the state academically selective schools system. The school provides a broad curriculum catering for all students, with strong links with the community, parents, TAFE, local businesses and local government schools.

Peel is a well-maintained and equipped school set in attractive, spacious surroundings. Our aim is to provide a safe learning environment in which all students can experience success. The school prides itself on developing academic, cultural and sporting achievements. Peel continues to provide an inclusive curriculum and caring environment in which all students can achieve their best.

The school provides for a wide range of students, with a Support Faculty for Special needs and a selective stream for those more academically inclined. Peel is a leading school in Agriculture. It has had success over many years with Suffolk sheep and Angus cattle along with poultry breeding and showing. 

school map

ADMIN = Administration  Block 6 = Maths  Block 7 = PDHPE   Block 8 =HISE   Block 9 =English

L= Scince Labs      W =  Industrial Arts   A = Art and Support class rooms    M = Music 

Lib  = Library   MPC  =  Multipurpose Hall     K &  N  = Kitchens and Needle work

Peel High School map (pdf 98 KB)

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