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Dealing with change

Dealing with change can be tough during teenage years, particularly when adolescents are already dealing with physical changes, social media and the angst of peer pressure (just to name a few). Throw a few additional challenges into the mix- moving houses, moving schools, dealing with family break-ups, changing jobs, changing friendship groups, sickness in the family- and teenage years appear to be pretty tough!

One of the more effective ways of dealing with change can be to accept it and to understand it. suggests that you should attempt to ‘try to understand everything about it that you can'. This may mean, for example, doing further research on a new school or area that you are moving to. This method may help prevent a sense of fear/feelings of helplessness develop from the situation. Of course there are situations that you cannot adequately prepare for nor have control over and in these contexts you can;

  • stay as positive as possible- see change as an opportunity not a barrier
  • manage your stressand anxiety levels
  • talk to a friend or family member about your concerns
  • give yourself something to look forward to
  • keep something familiar- a routine or treasured item
  • give yourself some time to get used to the change
  • remember that change is a part of life!

If you would like more information on change and how to adequately deal with it see the following website or speak with your local doctor, counsellor or someone at your school.

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