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Homework Policy


Homework is a valuable part of schooling. It allows for the practising, extending and consolidating of work done in class.  Homework provides training for students in planning and organising time and develops a range of skills in identifying and using information sources. Additionally it establishes habits of study, concentration and self-discipline.  Homework reaffirms the role of parents and caregivers as partners in education.


At Peel High School, homework will be set on a regular basis in each subject. There will be co-ordination between subjects to ensure students can complete their homework across all areas.

A guide to the total time expected on homework (all subjects)

The minimum time recommended per night for five nights a week is:

            Years 7 & 8                 45 minutes per night

            Years 9 & 10               1 hour per night

            Years 11 & 12             2 hours per night

When major examinations, assessment tasks or projects approach, more time will be needed.



  • Record all homework given in a student diary or on a homework sheet pasted in the front of each subject workbook
  • Complete homework in the given time frame
  • Involve parents/caregivers in your homework (show it to them and discuss it with them)
  • Create a homework/home study timetable including:

           - Catching up on work missed
Revision of new and old work
Regular work on major projects
A regular time set aside for homework


  • Ask your child if she/he has homework and insist that they do it or in the absence of set homework ask them to revise the day's work in each subject
  • Assist your child to organise a suitable time and place to complete homework
  • Advise the teacher of any problems with homework
  • Initial the student diary or homework sheet each night after the work is completed


  • Ensure that homework is related to work being done in school
  • Set work which challenges students to make progress
  • Give students realistic but not excessive time to complete tasks
  • Ensure students know exactly what is expected of them and how their work will be assessed
  • Always check homework has been completed
  • Give feedback to parents and students where appropriate
  • Maintain homework records
  • Be flexible and consider the demands of other subjects.