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Empathy and resilience

empathyCompassion and empathy are two characteristics that are important in developing high quality relationships. Together, compassion and empathy are qualities that allow us to recognise verbal cues and feelings expressed through body language, as well as have awareness of and sympathy for the situation or emotions of another person.

How does empathy promote resilience?

People who have empathy are able to communicate with and listen more to the people they share relationships with. Stronger relationships allow people to successfully express their own needs and wants whilst remaining considerate of other people, and having the ability to put aside their own concerns at times. This means that people who are able to have empathy will also benefit from high self-esteem, reduced loneliness, and a strong sense of who they are, and in doing so become more resilient. Someone who is resilient is able to overcome negative emotional and physical outcomes that may arise from situations of conflict or hardship.

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