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Goals and aspirations

Goal setting: how important is it?

With the beginning of a new year and the continuing involvement of schools in Healthy Schools, Healthy Futures, it is important that we review what it means to set goals and build resilience.goal setting

Goal setting allows us to envision the direction in which we would like to move, whether it be as an individual or group. Making goals encourages motivation to achieve, and provides a positive aspect for staff, students, parents and any members of the wider community to become involved with, and look forward to.

Additionally, many factors contribute to the building of resilience.  For example, goal setting and the ability to make decisions are just two skills that come hand in hand in building resilience. When faced with an obstacle such as a stressor, for example perhaps the loss of a family pet, or a student receiving a lower grade than expected (remember perceptions of stress vary for every individual), the ability to adapt successfully to the situation at hand and achieve a positive outcome, is an example of resilience.

In order to make good goals which are realistic and achievable a few steps are recommended:

  • It is important to write goals in a positive rather than negative way.
  • In order to achieve one goal, it is often to write down many small steps that you will make in the direction of that larger achievement.
  • Goals should be visually displayed in an area where they are easily and frequently read – this allows all people involved to remember what the end product is and how that will be reached.
  • Make SMART goals: that is goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Framed.
  • And post of all remember to give yourself due credit and pat yourself and other team members on the back as you succeed in reaching each step along the way, and of course the final goal! goal and objective setting

For more information:

  1. Key to a success- Setting S.M.A.R.T goals on The Leadership Management Australia website available at:
  2. Smart goals by Duncan Haughey, PMP, pdf available at:
  3. 10 ways to become more resilient; Build your Resilience and coping skills with these tips, by Kendra Cherry, available at:




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