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Mobile Phone Policy


It should be recognised that the distribution and utilisation of mobile communication within our community is widespread and diverse in its application. As a part of our community, Peel High School accepts its role in social education with the establishment of this policy to educate the students in our care in the responsible use of mobile communication devices.

Acceptance of the presence of mobile phones in our school respects the wishes of parents to provide additional security for their children covering their journey to and from school.


Students and their parents/caregivers should be advised of the following information relating to the use of mobile telephones at Peel High School. 

1. While mobile phones are not banned from school, like all valuable items, the school recommends that students do not bring them to school.

2. If students choose to bring mobile phones to school the student and parents/carers accept all responsibility for their security. The school accepts no responsibility should phones be lost or stolen.

3. If mobile phones are lost or stolen at the school, staff are not required to investigate and the school will recommend that the student pursue the matter with the police.

4. The following use protocols must be observed.

Mobile telephones MUST be turned off in the following situations:
(These apply to indoor and outdoor settings)

  • Class time and stored in pencil case, pockets or secured bags.
  • Sport time
  • Examinations and stored in bags
  • Assemblies
  • Excursions – during instructional or demonstration sessions
  • Whilst engaged in school representative duties
  • Special gatherings of students
  • On work experience – in accord with workplace regulations
  • At any other time when specifically requested

Instances of contravention of this policy, in whole part, or part, will result in short term confiscation of the incorrectly used device. The Senior Executive will be custodian of any confiscated device. Further action will then be taken in accordance with the school's 4 step RISC procedure.

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