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Languages (LOTE)

Culture Studies

Year 7 students are able to experience three different cultures through their International Studies course as Peel goes Global! They will rotate around learning about Japanese, Italian and French speaking communities. With two fantastic teachers who have thorough knowledge and in-country experience with their language, the students will experience the vast cultural aspects of each of these languages. 

Our Year 8 students will then get to choose the culture that most excited them and continue their learning into the 100 hours languages (LOTE) programs. These include:

1. Japanese

Year 8 students are currently studying the Japanese 100 hours program. This is an introductory course in Japanese where the students learn many aspects of the Japanese language, culture and history. Japanese is also available as a selection for Year 9 elective courses.

2. Italian

Year 8 students are currently studying the Italian 100 hours program.  This year we are also running Italian as an elective course in Year 10. This is an introductory course in Italian where the students learn many aspects of the Italian language, culture and history.  

3. French

Year 8 students are currently studying the French 100 hours program. This is an introductory course in French where the students learn many aspects of the French language, culture and history. 




Celebrating Culture!

At the end of each year our Year 7 Peel students participate in a day of celebrating culture, experiencing craft, cooking, language and film from Japanese, French and Italian communities.




Our Room

Parents and carers and invited to come and look at the LOTE room which displays student work and is vibrantly decorated to give a more positive and relevant learning environment. There are various facts and cultural items displayed across the room which provide students with the first hand experience of Japanese items and cultural aspects.

Classroom       Classroom 2

Origami work.

Origami Club

The origami club operates weekly at lunch times in the LOTE room (7-2). We have heaps of students that come and love to fold. See Miss Porter for more information.
Bring your lunch and come and be creative!

Paper Cranes

Each year our students make at least 1000 paper cranes to send to Hiroshima to commemorate the bombings in World War II. We will continue to donate 1000 paper cranes to the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima, during which time we focus on peace education and world history.

             Cranes 1 cranes 2 cranes 3 cranes 4

Sushi time!

Each Year 8 class studies a Japanese food unit at the end of every year. We have fun tasting lots of different foods from Japan and the students have the opportunity to make and taste some sushi! Other foods we explore include: Sukiyaki, Okonomiyaki, Onigiri, Yakisoba, Ramen, Miso and Dango.

             sushi 1 sushi 2 sushi 3 sushi 4


Sushi 5james